Studio Tips

Clothing Tips The most important thing in your image is the person that is in the portrait. clothing and props are secondary and should accentuate the person, not overpower. To achieve this, we recommend solid colors. If there is more than one person, please be aware of the tones of the clothing. Monochromatic and tones […]

February Wedding Deals

It’s Wedding Season. If you are planing your wedding or know someone who just got engaged we want to help you out.  At RC Studio, we will take the time to capture the details and emotions on your wedding day. We will work with you to make you wedding day the best it can be. […]

Photography 1 2 3: The Camera

Welcome to the first installment of Photography 1,2,3, a guide to help all photographers to enhance their knowledge and skills in the art of photography. In this issue we will be talking about the photography most important tool, The Camera. The camera is just a tool and does not create the photo. Just like a […]

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2016

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2016

Copper It’s not unusual for home trends to transform into wedding trends and copper is the prime example of this. Copper designs are all over the stores at the moment and are quickly making their way into weddings. From adorning the reception tables to adding shine to the stationery and cake, copper is the new […]