Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration, Repair, and Enhancement

We all have old photographs that we treasure, whether they are old family photographs passed on from previous generations, or historic photographs of the homes and towns we live in. But sometimes bad things happen to photos such as stains, rips and fading. Even properly stored photos can succumb to the ravages of time.

Damage that has occurred over the years can vanish. Dust and scratches can be removed, mold, creases and tears can be repaired. Missing or severely damaged areas can be replaced. Your photos can be retouched to correct faded color, add or remove people and objects, change the background, repair damage, and more.


By nature no two photos are the same, nor is their degradation. We understand that many old photographs are truly one of a kind. At RC Studio we respect the uniqueness of each photo restoration project. Our solutions, like your photos, are unique.

You can be assured that your treasures will be handled with the same care that we would give our own photos.

For your peace of mind, we can scan them while you wait so they never have to leave your possession. If you have a lot of photos to preserve, we can even come to your home and scan them there. All work is digital, so the original image is never altered. For further security, we also backup your digital restorations off site, and we can burn your images onto CD’s or DVD’s so you can safely store digital versions for future generations.

All of our work is manual, which gives us complete control over the process. Our photo repair experts make each correction and repair one at a time. We are able to attend to every detail. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We will give you a price before work begins, and you will be able to approve your photo restoration project before payment is made.

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